Color blocking!

Hi guys,  sorry I haven’t posted it in a while! This article is about color blocking. Color blocking is popular with a lot of people, especially as it is starting to warm up. I have seen the  trend a lot when the item of clothing has a black or with background, with very clean, straight, colorful lines. The colors I see for the most part are neon.

The other kind of color blocking I see is a solid neon top or bottom with another solid colored top or bottom. This is the kind of color blocking I see the most.





Jovani Evening Gown Collection 2013

Jovani has released a new line of evening gowns. I will give you a sample of their collection. This collection is very sophisticated.


The Little Black Dress

The little black dress is the must have for every woman’s closet. Here are some for anyone who wants a more modern version of the little black dress.

ImageThe shoulder cut is the first little black dress. It gives you an edgy look but still feminine.

ImageThe triangle cut is the second dress. This dress also gives you a modern, edgy look but it isn’t as noticeable.

ImageThis is the last dress. This dress is for the modern party girl. The bottom is really detailed and the top is sleeveless, accessorizing is easy! 

Party dress ideas

Here are some party dress ideas.


1) Little Green Dress: This dress is cute and for more casual parties. You could spice it up with a big necklace or a bangle set, preferably gold.

2)One Sleeve Navy Dress: This dress is also for casual parties and one of my favorites. To make this outfit even better you could add gold earrings. You could also add a small pendant necklace.

3) White Sleeveless Dress: You could wear this dress to somewhere fancy. This dress was made for bridal receptions. You could wear this to a dinner party. You could wear some silver jewelry with this dress.

4)Bow Dress: This dress would be worn to a fancy party with important people. I don’t think you have to accessorize this because the bow speaks for itself!

5) Black and white dress: You could wear this dress anywhere! Its one of my favorite dresses. The crisp lines of the white fabric are great.

6) Navy Dress with cut sleeves: This dress is for more casual parties. You could jazz it up with some gold accessories.


My Favorite Local Boutique

My favorite local boutique is called The Girl Next Door. They carry some of the hottest brands like Alice + Olivia, Mara Hoffman, Twenty8twelve and much more! All of their designers (of course) have great qualifications. They are very well known here in Austin. 

Their website is 

Image Their logo

ImageWildfox Couture 


Casual Winter Wear

These are some types on how to have a stylish casual outfit.

One of my favorite things to wear with a casual outfit is a beanie. They’re fun and warm,they also help if your having a a bad hair day!  Another great piece for a casual outfit is a sweater. Sweaters are comfortable and can be very stylish! Scarves are a great showcase piece in an outfit, and keep you warm! some great places to get these items are;

1) Forever 21

2) Nordstroms

3) J.C. Pennys

4) Zumiez 

5) Local boutiques